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a running list of resources useful for teachers

Additional Resource Links: Dudley Albany SD Tech Coach – The resources section of Jeremy’s website is just phenomenal for the breath and depth of the resources. The links are all categorized by subject, grade, and keyword.

Media Literacy

Here are some great resources for teachers across subjects looking to integrate aspects of media literacy into their classrooms. Between these three websites alone, one could spend hours upon hours delving through lesson plans, curriculum maps, tips and tricks for teachers among a host of relevant and enlightening articles around media literacy and more.

http://www.medialit.orgThe Center for Media Literacy – One of the best collection of lesson plans and overall teaching strategy on media literacy. MediaWorks extensively uses the lesson plans and curriculum put together by the great folks at The Center for Media Literacy.

http://www.edutopia.orgEdutopia – George Lucas’ Education Foundation, their mission from their website:
“GLEF is dedicated to improving the K-12 learning process by documenting, disseminating, and advocating innovative, replicable, and evidence-based strategies that prepare students to thrive in their future education, careers, and adult lives.” – ReadWriteThink – another extensive resource for lesson plans, project ideas, and just about anything you need to teach.

Documentary Filmmaking

Creating and viewing documentaries in the classroom has incredible potential to be truly transformative. Producing or watching documentaries allows students to explore difficult issues, gain insight into viewpoints they have never heard before and make learning personal, authentic and fun! After getting past the stereotype that all documentaries are boring movies, students will learn about the power contained in this incredible form of film. – PBS has been airing some of the best documentaries for years, and this site has lots of resources including lesson plans for teachers looking to integrate documentary film into their classroom.

Further Resources by Category

Digital Storytelling: Tech Teacher (post by Samantha Morra) Awesome resource for a step-by-step process of the power of digital storytelling with resources for each of the steps along the way. You will see some of the same resources I have listed here. – Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling – Long name, but fairly literal this site has some great resources on how to specifically use digital storytelling in education. This link brings you to the 7 steps of digital storytelling with a great modification telling the 10 steps to digital storytelling in the classroom. Center (formerly The Center for Digital Storytelling) – Joe Lambert who is the executive director of Story Center created the 7 steps to create a digital story. You can download the Digital Storytelling Cookbook, which has some great information in it, for free here:

Media Creation: – Very powerful online tool to create and edit videos. Wonderful tool for creating digital stories in and outside of the classroom. This site has a specific education section dedicated to k-12 and higher ed teachers. There is a premium involved, but it is free to try and to create a personal account. – Social media in a controlled environment, set up just for the classroom with tons of teacher tools. – Minimal digital storytelling: one picture + one story. Has the ability to also add audio. Open to all, which creates a rich community, but also means stories need to be screened before hand for age-appropriate material. – Amazing resource for creating fun, exciting videos in a simple to use, template-style user interface. StoryBird – Another cool feature-laden digital storytelling resource. You can create a class for free as a teacher, so go ahead and try out, as StoryBird puts it, “A new literacy tool for a new generation”. – Little Bird Tales – Here is a perfect one for the K-6 crowd. – A wonderful staple for presentation creation. This is a really good alternative to Power Point if you want to spice up a project.

Editing – Free audio editing, basic to use but has most audio editing features you need for basic projects. Try out an audio documentary! – Great online tool for editing together video footage. It isn’t a replacement for stand alone programs like iMovie, windows media maker, or more professional offerings such as Premier Pro or Final Cut, but it can be a great tool for a project. Check it out.

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