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Schenectady High School

Ballston Spa High School

Schenectady High School MediaWorks

SHS :30 Commercial – Video Production Class

6 Word Memoirs

Romeo and Juliet Fight Scene

SHS Basketball :30 Commercial – Per 3, Group 2

Unsolved Mysteries Reenactment


SHS :30 commercial – Per 3, Group 3

Unsolved Mysteries Newcast

Literary Element Examples in 6 Seconds

SHS :30 Commercial – Per 2, Group 4

PSA: Bullying

Book Trailer

Ballston Spa High School MediaWorks

Group 1 Lit Video

Natalie I Am Poem

The Jacket

Kyle I Am Poem

Robbie I Am Poem

Faith I Am Poem

Riley I Am Poem

Dan I Am Poem

Albany High School MediaWorks


Shakespearean Mean Tweets – Period 3

Tone in Photography Project

Religions All Over the World: A Documentary Series

Book Trailer – The Lovely Bones #1

The Mannequin Challenge – Period 8

Stop Killing the Future

Book Trailer – Speechless

The Mannequin Challenge – Period 5

Fangirl Craze

Interview With J.D. Salinger

Animated Video Poem: Overlapping

Room 201